How chiropractors can help with sports injuries

Those who have suffered sports injuries, whether major, or minor, will be disappointed, foremost by the fact they are unable to play their loved sport. A sports injury is both a painful and also psychologically irritating thing.


Fortunately, chiropractors can provide not only relief from the pain of such injuries, but also aid you in getting better, faster.


Injuries from sport are usually caused by one of two things - injury from trauma, such as a fall, or collision, or an injury cause by a repetitive movement.




These injuries are commonly caused to ligaments and tissue that connects bones and muscles. Trauma to a ligament is known as a sprain, whereas trauma to a muscle is known as a strain. These can be major, or minor, but often put people out of action for periods longer than they could ever have hoped. Your chiropractor from Cornwall can, however aid you and your injury and ensure a fast recovery.


Chiropractor's from Cornwall and elsewhere have an understanding of how to assess and treat such injuries. Understanding that such strains and sprains need attention and how it should receive such attention, is why chiropractors are necessary and can ensure you're fit to return to sport as soon as is possible. Strains and sprains are easily fixed, but without the proper care can cause problems in the long term and flair up time and time again. Chiropractor's from Cornwall will use the acronym known as PRICE to ensure post injury management has the necessary effect.



P Protect injury from additional damage
R Rest the injury
I Ice injury to abate swelling, bleeding, muscle spasm, and pain
C Compress injury with a specialized support or elastic bandage to support injured tissues
E Elevate the injury, expressly when the damage is to ankles and knees


Chiropractors with experience will make sure your injury recovers properly and you don't suffer any further issues.


Repetitive Strain Injuries


This form of injury is caused by performing the same motion repeatedly and is very common among sports people. Chiropractors in Cornwall see this issue caused by a repetitive movement commonly.


Age is a very common factor in this form of injury and older people are often injured in this manner more commonly than younger people. People are often also born with weaknesses - these factors are known as intrinsic causes.


Of course old running shoes, bad grips and running on hard surfaces play their fair share in repetitive strain injuries. These factors are known as extrinsic as they are caused by factors outside of the body. Lack of a warm-up and fast starts to activity also fall under this category.


Cornwall chiropractors often see these injuries again and again. However, with years of dedicated experience will be easily able to treat the problem and ensure that it is cured and won't arise again. This is of course the greatest peace of mind of all and means you can get on with your sport quickly and without worry.