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Client Testimonials

The service is excellent…

Very friendly environment, and the service is excellent – I look forward to my treatment!

Aimee Bell

After 2-3 treatments pain was much improved…

I came to the the chiropractors with severe back pain on the right side and after 2-3 treatments was much improved. I can recommend the treatment I received as being very good as I had been suffering for 3 months before the first visit. I would recommend the clinic to anyone who has prolonged back pain.


I would assure everybody their practice is professional…

I personally recommend Corbett chiropractic clinic after having treatment for back and disc problems and I would assure everybody their practice is professional.

Mrs M.A.

My back feels normal again…

I came in with low back pain and after a course of acupuncture and manipulation, my back feels normal again.

Alex G

I should have done this ages ago…

I has suffered with back problems after a fall about 6 years ago. This is something I thought I would just have to live with but since I have been having treatment the results are amazing and now I feel that I should have done this ages ago.

Carol Newey

By far the best service I’ve experienced…

I’ve had back problems for the last 5 years. I started visiting the Chiropractor and in a couple of months it feels better. All the staff are friendly and put you at ease. By far the best service I’ve experienced as tried physios and osteopaths in the past. They genuinely care about getting you better.


I’ve not looked back since…

I came to see Sarah after my daughter recommended I attend for my lower back and neck aches which have got worse since retiring and prevented me from gardening which I love. I’ve not looked back since and would recommend her to anyone who suffers similar complaints to me!

Mrs Jukes

My back is free from pain…

In July 2007 I lifted a bench at school, the next thing I was in dreadful pain and could not move. Friends got me home, and a neighbor came over and gave me Rebecca’s number. Within half an hour I was in the clinic, being reassured by the receptionist. I could hardly put one foot in front of the other and have never suffered pain like it I was very frightened. The diagnosis was a bulging disc, and after weekly treatments my back improved. During a treatment I explained I’d had a lot of problems with my hip. Rebecca sent for my x-rays and scans and found I had three misaligned vertebrae causing a bulge in my hip/pelvis. It is now April 2008 and my treatments are now every 2 weeks, I have much more movement in my now aligned hip and my back is free from pain. Thank you!

Alison Ashton

Pain is less and therefore I am able to cope day to day

I have a problem with my lower spinal discs and have been receiving treatment from Dr. Corbett for some time which I feel has been to my benefit. In so much that the pain is less and therefore I am able to cope much better with day to day living. I continue with visits to Dr. Corbett in the hope that eventually the pain will completely cease and feel confident that this will happen.

Syliva Hickenbottom

My neck has never felt so loose…

My neck and back have been problematic for the last couple of years. After visiting Corbett Chiropractic Clinic my neck has never felt so loose. And my posture has improved no end. The clinic is also clean and the staff are always friendly and helpful.

Adam Short

I was confident with my after care and follow up treatments..

I attended the chiropractic clinic with an aggravated disc between lumbar and sacrum. After a thorough examination and intense treatment, I was confident with my after care and follow up treatments. Very informative by Peter so I was fully knowledgeable of my condition. A speedy recovery after a few weeks!


Very professional and effective…

Very professional and effective service. KCC came highly recommended – now I do the same! Not so sure I would have returned to work so promptly without your help and support – Thank you.

Denise Bell

Pain free and able to live my life…

Since my first visit in May 2017 I can honestly say that I have been pain free and able to live my life as I want without having to worry about my back causing discomfort. I can’t thank Peter enough for the help he has provided.


Kept my joints and muscles supple..

The treatment I have received has kept my joints and muscles supple allowing me greater flexibility of movement throughout everyday activities.

Kay Wise

Dr. Corbett gave me my life back…

I feel that Dr. Corbett gave me my life back. 2 years ago I had really painful sciatica – it was agony just to walk and I couldn’t play tennis and badminton, which I had always loved. I despaired of ever getting better. After treatment over a period of time (about 8 months) I was able to do all these things again, although I did have to ease myself back in gradually.The important thing is to keep active and not to sit for long periods of time. Doing lots of walking certainly helped too, which was one of the recommendations alongside the treatment. Whilst knowing I will always have a weakness with my back, I know if I am careful and don’t lift anything too heavy I can lead a normal life and enjoy all my hobbies. It is also reassuring to know that if you have a really bad problem he can fit you into his busy schedule to help you.

Ms Sue Richards

I can now work without any problems…

I am over the moon with the response I have had to Sarah’s treatments to cure my back and shoulder problems, which were affecting my social life and causing me time off work. I can now work without any problems, and look forward to the treatment sessions. It was nice to know she can fix all joint problems and not just my spine.

Mr Notcliffe

The relief is amazing…

Thanks to Dr. Corbett I now have an almost normal life again. I’ve had lower back pain for some 8 years and the relief is amazing. I highly recommend this practice.

Alison Dunsmorre

Would definitely recommend…

I came in February with neck pains following a car accident. I had daily severe headaches and was in constant pain. Within a month Peter had loosened the joints in my neck and the headaches stopped. I cannot thank Peter enough and would definitely recommend you seek his professional advice.

Laura T.

I have made a dramatic improvement…

I was suffering from terrible headaches and neck pain prior to receiving treatment at Corbett Chiropractic Clinic. I can honestly say that I have made a dramatic improvement and now my headaches are very few and far between. I thank the clinic for everything they have done for me.

Laura Wynn

I can now play rugby pain free again…

I can now play rugby pain free again thanks to Sarah, and would recommend others to see her who need efficient treatment and exercise advice. I will always be grateful to her. Many thanks to Sarah and the friendly clinic staff.

Mr Ski